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July 19, 2016

Seagate Unveils 10TB HDDs Under Guardian Series Branding

Seagate recently unveiled a full portfolio of 10TB HDDs under their Guardian Series branding designed for the consumer market.

The Guardian Series product lines that will now offer capacities up to 10TB include the Barracuda Pro, Ironwolf and Seahawk. The Barracuda Pro is designed for desktop and client use, the Ironwolf is designed for NAS systems and the Seahawk is designed for video surveillance applications. Each of the three drives utilize Seagate’s Helium technology to reach their massive capacities. Seagate had previously launched a 10TB helium based drive for the enterprise earlier this year, but is now bringing this technology to the consumer market as [...]

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July 19, 2016

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Review Round-Up – Pascal Goes Mainstream

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1060 has launched today, and while finding a car on store shelves may be a bit difficult, there are plenty of reviews available to help you make an informed purchasing decision once they are in stock. The GTX 1060 is NVIDIA’s answer to AMD’s RX 480, which was released at the end of last month in an aggressive push for the mainstream market. At a starting price of $249 ($299 for NVIDIA’s Founder Edition), the GTX 1060 is still a bit more expensive than the RX 480, almost $50 more than the 4GB model and a much smaller gap of just $10 for the 8GB model. Still, both cards being in the $200-$300 market, there will [...]

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July 18, 2016

Intel Basin Falls-X, Skylake-X, Kaby Lake-X to Debut 3Q2017

Broadwell-E launched just last month, but rumors of its successor is already swirling around on the interwebs.

According to a recent article by Chinese technology publication, BenchLife, Intel will be launching three different product ranges on their upcoming Basin Falls-X platform.

This will include Skylake-X, Skylake-W and Kaby Lake-X. Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X will feature the new LGA2066 Socket AKA Socket R4 and use the Kaby Lake-X PCH. Skylake-W is targeted towards workstations and won’t have much impact on the consumer market.

The successor to Broadwell-E will be Skylake-X, which is fairly similar to what we [...]

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July 18, 2016

XBox One S Pre-Order Available, Shipping Early August

At E3 2016, Micorosft announced a refresh of the Xbox One in the form of the Xbox One S, which boasts support for 4K Ultra HD in a chassis 40% smaller than the original. While Microsoft discussed the Xbox One S and several accompanying games, they never really presented a launch date for the new console leaving gamers wondering when they could actually purchase the new device.

According to numerous online retailers, it looks like the official launch date is August 2, which is just about two weeks away. Prices start at $399 which gets you the Xbox One S with 2TB of onboard storage. Microsoft is expected to launch 500GB, 1TB and a special 2TB Gears of War Limited [...]

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July 18, 2016

Softbank Acquires ARM Holdings for $32 Billion USD, Stocks Surge 42%

Japanese technology conglomerate SoftBank recently acquired British semiconductor design company ARM in a $32 million USD deal making it the biggest technology acquisition of the year. Pending a likely approval from ARM shareholders, SoftBank’s offer of $32 million USD (~$67.28 per share) is a whopping 42.9% over ARM’s $22.3 billion USD (~$47.08 per share) valuation as of closing last Friday.

Among those familiar with the chip industry, this quite possibly one of the least expected acquisitions to take place as SoftBank currently has no operations in the semiconductor business. That said, given ARM’s dominance in the mobile and IoT [...]

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July 15, 2016

SK Hynix Catalog Confirms 4Gb HBM2 Memory Shipping 3Q2016

After being the first to introduce first generation HBM with their partnership with AMD, SK Hynix has since fallen behind on second generation HBM, or HBM2, as Samsung announced that they began mass production earlier this year. While Samsung has had a comfortable lead over SK Hynix for some time, it seems like Samsung may not be the only producer of HBM2 come this fall. SK Hynix recently revealed in their product catalog that they’ll be shipping HBM2 in 3Q2016.

According to the catalog, SK Hynix will offer two 4GB, 4Hi-stack SKUs – H5VR32ESM4H-20C, which runs at 2.0Gbps (256GB/s per stack), and H5VR32ESM4H-12C, which runs at 1.6Gbps (204GB/s per [...]

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July 14, 2016

Leaked Phison Roadmap Shows UFS Controllers Planned for 4Q2016

A confidential Phison roadmap was recently leaked by technology site, MYCE, which shows Phison’s upcoming PS8311 UFS controller slated for launch at the end of 4Q2016. This will be followed up by a higher performance PS8313 UFS controller slated for 1Q2017.

UFS is expected to be the successor to SD and microSD technologies with significantly higher performance thanks to the UFS standard’s full duplex operation and advanced queuing features. Samsung recently launched the first ever removable UFS memory cards not too long ago.


Source: Myce

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September 8, 2016

Razer Launches Ultra Low Profile Mechanical Switches in iPad Pro Case

Several years ago, Razer developed and adopted their own mechanical keyboard switches for their mechanical keyboard lineup. While Razer switches gave Razer far more control over their product and likely helped reduce costs in the process, Razer’s switches still largely imitated the designs of Cherry MX switches and aside from the switches being called Razer switches, it didn’t offer much benefit for the consumer.

Capitalizing on their switch development experience however, Razer recently introduced their new ultra-low profile switch which is designed to carry the same click and tactile feel of a Razer Green switch, but comes in [...]

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July 14, 2016

Futuremark Releases 3DMark Time Spy DirectX 12 Benchmark Test

Today Futuremark is finally making available their all-new DirectX 12 benchmarking test, dubbed Time Spy. The test, which showcases past 3DMark benchmarks, including the ever so popular Firestrike test, includes a number of key features of DirectX 12 in order to test modern GPUs.


3DMark Time Spy DirectX 12 Benchmark

Here’s what Futuremark has to say about the Time Spy demo.

Developed with input from AMD, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and the other members of our Benchmark Development Program, 3DMark Time Spy is one of the first DirectX 12 apps to be built “the right way” from the ground up to fully realize the performance gains that [...]

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July 14, 2016

Nvidia Releases GeForce Game Ready 368.81 WHQL Drivers

Nvidia recently released their newest GeForce Game Ready 368.81 WHQL Drivers which contain a slew of major bugfixes and enhancements for VR gamers.

Among the problems that were identified by early VR adopters, Nvidia addressed clock speeds not reaching boost clocks in VR and the compatibility issue with the HTC Vive and DisplayPort. These issues should now be fixed with the latest update.

Further VR enhancements include optimizations for NVIDIA VR Funhouse, Everest VR, Obduction, Raw Data and The Assembly. Those with GeForce GTX 1080, 1070, and 980 Ti can now download NVIDIA VR Funhouse from Steam.

Nvidia is also bringing [...]

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