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November 8, 2017

AMD RTG Chief Raja Koduri Leaves AMD, Joins Intel’s New Core and Visual Computing Group

AMD’s former Radeon Technology Group Chief, Raja Koduri, has had an eventful week. After Hexus recently reported on an internal memo Koduri sent to his staff announcing his departure from AMD, Intel recently sent out a press release announcing that Koduri has joined Intel’s newly formed Core and Visual Computing Group.

Back in September, Koduri announced that he’d be going on a sabbatical for personal reasons. In an email, he explained to his staff that he was taking a temporary break to spend some time with his family. Given that Koduri had just overseen AMD’s launch their latest Vega GPU, it didn’t seem like a huge deal at the time. [...]

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June 21, 2017

AMD Launches EPYC 7000 Series Processors: Up to 32-Cores/64-Threads, 8-Channel DDR4, 128 PCIe Gen 3 Lanes

AMD’s Zen based server platform, EPYC (codename Naples), has been in the works for quite some time and it finally appears ready for prime time. At AMD’s recent EPYC launch event in Austin, Texas, AMD fully detailed their new server platform designed to challenge Intel’s dominance in the server market.


AMD EPYC 7000 Series Processor

Launching today is no less than twelve CPU SKUs in the AMD EPYC 7000-Series processor lineup. The new CPUs will feature up to 32-cores/64-threads, 8-channel DDR4 memory support (up to 2TB of memory per CPU), 128 PCIe lanes, a dedicated security subsystem, and an integrated [...]

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May 12, 2017

Keylogger Discovered in HP Audio Driver

A keylogging vulnerability has been discovered in HP laptop’s audio driver, says the independent Swiss security firm Modzero.

The security concern stems from the way the audio driver handles inputs from media control keys. The driver process, called MicTray64.exe, records when media keys are pressed and change settings accordingly.

This is harmless on its own, but the problem is that the driver also writes keystrokes to a text file called MicTray.log. If the file is obtained, the attacker can extract personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers.

The situation is made worse when the MicTray.log is not created or doesn’t [...]

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May 3, 2017

Microsoft Announces Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S

Microsoft announced the Surface laptop and Windows 10 S during its #MicrosoftEDU conference today.

Windows 10 S

Windows 10 S is an overhauled version of Windows RT designed to compete against Google’s Chrome OS. All software for Windows 10 S must be downloaded via the Windows Store, meaning that 3rd party applications won’t be able to run unless they’re approved by Microsoft.

Are the flashbacks of Windows RT haunting you? Don’t be, Microsoft has enhanced Windows 10 S in several ways to avoid a repeat of the same mistake.

The biggest challenge for a single software distribution source is its ecosystem. During [...]

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April 7, 2017

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Detailed: Specs Reveal Major Upgrade Over Xbox One

Microsoft’s next update to the Xbox gaming console codenamed Project Scorpio was announced at Microsoft’s E3 briefing last year however, little information about the console has been revealed thus far. Besides having announced that it will host a GPU capable of up to 6 TFlops of compute performance and designed for 4K, Microsoft has been keeping things pretty tightly under wraps.

While the launch of the console is still quite a ways away, just like candy there will always be ones who gets to taste it early and YouTube channel Digital Foundry was recently invited by Microsoft to get an exclusive first look at the Scorpio’s guts and what they found [...]

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December 28, 2016

TSMC Says 10nm FinFET On Track, Refutes Rumors of Low Yields

The problem with rumors is that sometimes, it’s made up and according to a recent interview with EE Times, TSMC says that their 10nm node is on schedule, refuting a recent report from DigiTimes that TSMC and Samsung is struggling with yields at the 10nm manufacturing node.

According to TSMC’s senior director Elizabeth Sun, TSMC’s 10nm process is “totally on track” and is projecting revenue starting 1Q2017. Among others, Apple is expected to be leveraging TSMC’s 10nm FinFET process for its upcoming A10X SoC. The new SoC is rumored to be used in the upcoming 2017 iPads.

Other major players making a dash towards 10nm [...]

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December 27, 2016

Early AMD Ryzen Review Leaked, Faster Than Intel Core i7-6800K


Several weeks ago, AMD made waves with their  announcement and subsequent demonstration of Ryzen, the official name of AMD’s highly anticipated Zen architecture based processor. During the demonstration, Ryzen was shown to either match or beat the Core i7-6900K which is a high end $1,100 processor from AMD’s primary competitor, Intel. However, at the time only a few benchmarks were demonstrated and given that it’s AMD doing the demonstrating, there was a good chance the benchmarks were cherrypicked in favor of AMD’s upcoming chip.

While AMD isn’t expected to release Ryzen until early next year, French based print [...]

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December 11, 2016

Qualcomm Announces Centriq 2400 10nm 48-Core Falkor Based Processor

When it comes to CPUs, server chips have always been the most profitable and while most of the market is currently dominated by Intel, chipmakers are constantly looking for ways to get a piece of the action. Traditionally, servers are powered by chips on the x86 platform which limits them to Intel and AMD, but with the ARM architecture now becoming very powerful, many believe it could potentially become an alternative to the x86 architecture in server computing.

Capitalizing on this is Qualcomm, which recently announced their new Centriq 2400 series processor which is touted as the first server CPU built on the 10nm FinFET manufacturing process. Utilizing up to 48 [...]

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October 11, 2016

Intel Announces Falcon 8+ Professional Drone Packing Full Frame Camera, Quad Core Atom Processor

Thanks to improvements in technology, UAVs are now more popular than ever before and while Intel’s technology is already powering a number of the latest consumer and commercial drones including the new Yuneec Typhoon H, Intel is now looking to enter the drone market for themselves as well.

According to a recent announcement, Intel is launching their new Falcon 8+ drone which will be the first Intel branded drone on the market and the successor to the Ascending Technologies’ Falcon 8 drone which they acquired as a part of their acquisition of Ascending Technologies back in January.

The Falcon 8+, designed for professional drone service providers [...]

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October 11, 2016

Intel Begins Sampling Stratix 10 ARM Based 14nm FPGA

According to a recent announcement, Intel is now sampling the Stratix 10 FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array).

The Stratix 10 FPGA , which was acquired by Intel as a part of their $16.7 billion acquisition of Altera back in 2015, was at the time Altera’s most ambitious high performance FPGA design ever. Utilizing Intel’s 14nm tri-gate process along with an innovative new HyperFlex architecture, the Stratix 10 FPGA is capable of up to 10 TFLOPS of single-precision floating point DSP performance which amounts to about ~2x the performance compared its predecessor. The Stratix 10 FPGA also offers 70% better power efficiency and up to 1TBps (128GB/s) memory [...]

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