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September 13, 2017

Apple Releases iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

The 8th gen iPhones are the most speculated iPhones the past 7 years. Today, Apple has officially ended the rumor mill with the official release of the iPhone 8 family consisting of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the peculiar iPhone 8X.

Hate it or love it. All iPhone 8 models feature a glass back construction. It’s sleek as hell and allows for wireless charging, but also slippery in sweaty hands and prone to cracking. Definitely use case if you’re a klutzy. All iPhone 8 models

The key upgrade to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is the new 6-core A11 Bionic SoC. This new chip uses two performance cores and four high-efficiency cores. During its [...]

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August 23, 2017

Samsung Launches Galaxy Note 8 at Unpacked Event

Samsung recently launched their highly anticipated smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, at their Unpacked event recently held in New York City.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is marks Samsung’s first return to the Galaxy Note series after the massive failure of the Galaxy Note 7, a smartphone that was plagued with battery issues resulting in Samsung completely pulling the smartphone only a few months after its initial introduction.

As expected, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is packed with some of the latest features available to modern smartphones including its hallmark feature, the 6.3-inch 2960×1440 resolution Super AMOLED “Infinity [...]

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July 11, 2017

Dell’s New Latitude 7285 Supporting Fully Wireless Charging is Now Available

Love ’em or hate ’em, Dell has without a doubt become one of the most innovative laptop makers in the market. Its latest move is a refresh of its entire Latitude line of business-centric laptops with the new Latitude 7000-series leading the way.

The newest 12″ 2-in-1 in the Latitude series is the Dell Latitude 7285. Internally, it can be configured with up to an Intel Core i7-7Y75 mobile CPU, 16GB of ram, and 256GB of SSD storage. It’s also a 2-in-1 which allows it to easily shift from tablet to laptop mode.

So far, it sounds pretty normal, but the most interesting part about the Latidude 7285 is that it’s also capable of [...]

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June 13, 2017

Logitech Unveils Future of Wireless Gaming Mice: G703, G903 with PowerPlay, Litespeed Technology

Year after year, wireless gaming peripherals companies launch new wireless gaming mice, and year after year, the mice always have the same problems: they always run out of juice at the worst possible time and there’s always a slight latency that’s simply too much to ignore for serious gamers.

In a recent announcement at E3 2017, Logitech attempts to solve these issues with their new Logitech Litespeed and PowerPlay technologies. Litespeed is Logitech’s proprietary wireless technology where Logitech claims their highly optimized 2.4GHz wireless connection combined with a 1ms report rate minimizes latency for “competition-level twitch [...]

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January 17, 2017

CES 2017: Omnicharge Builds Battery, AC Power Inverter into Omni Battery Banks

CES is always pretty awesome because it not only gives us the opportunity to see new products from companies we’re intimately familiar with, but it also gives us the opportunity to check out some new products that we need in our lives, yet don’t currently have.

Case in point is the Omnicharge Omni, which is a battery bank with a 120v inverter built right into the unit. This allows the battery bank to be able to power things such as laptops, lightbulbs, monitors, charge flashlights, cameras, and anything with a standard 120v AC North American plug with the same battery bank you already carry around for charging your smartphone. And it’s only [...]

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November 24, 2016

Apple to Add Wireless Charging into iPhone 8 in 2017, Says KGI Securities Analyst

Apple is looking to integrate wireless charging into its new iPhones in 2018, says Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple analyst of KGI securities.

Just like many Android devices currently available, upcoming high end iPhone 8 models may feature an inductive pad for charging. It’s unknown whether the wireless charger will be bundled with the phones and if the port for wired charging will still exist on next generation iPhones. As the phone must rest on the charging pad in order to charge, removing the port would greatly inconvenience users as they cannot pick up and use the phone while it’s charging.

Kuo also believes that Apple is looking to release 3 models of [...]

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October 14, 2016

LG Unveils 15W Quick Wireless Charging Pad, Faster Charging Than Wired Charger

So you recently tried wireless charging for the first time and discovered that a your wireless charger takes about 4 hours to charge your phone. Yup. Been there, done that. It’s a buzzkill, and it looks like LG is looking to fix that.

According to a recent announcement, LG has developed a new Quick Wireless Charging Pad that will charge at rates up to 15W which is 3x more power than your typical 1A wireless chargers. LG claims that the new charger will charge a battery up to 50% in just 30 minutes which isn’t bad at all. While it’s likely that phones or phone cases capable of charging at 15W are required to fully utilize the new charging pad, the [...]

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October 1, 2015

Samsung Announces FreeSync Monitor With Wireless Charging Base

Samsung has released the world’s first monitor equipped with Qi wireless charging.

Aiming to simplify transitioning between the monitor an the phone, the Samsung SE370 conveniently integrates a Qi wireless charging dock into the monitor stand. Users can simply place wireless charging compatible devices over the highlighted area to recharge. An LED indicator will light up when charging is in progress.

The monitor itself uses a 23.6″ 1080p PLS panel with a response time of 4ms. Samsung implemented an ultra-thin bezel for better viewing experiences in both single and multi-monitor setups. Designed to take advantage of AMD’s FreeSync [...]

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September 6, 2012

Nokia Announces New Windows 8 Phones: Lumia 820 & 920

Press Release New Nokia Lumia Range Delivers Latest PureView Camera Innovation, New Navigation Experiences and Wireless Charging on Windows Phone 8

Nokia Lumia 920 Captures Best Pictures and Video Ever Seen on a Smartphone

Espoo, Finland and New York, NY – Nokia today announced the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820, the first devices in Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 range.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is the flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone, including the latest advances in Nokia PureView imaging innovation. Using advanced floating lens technology, the camera in the Nokia Lumia 920 is able to take in five times more light than competing [...]

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