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September 21, 2016

Samsung 960 EVO, PRO, Advanced Packaging, Polaris, Magician and More

Following up on Samsung’s earlier announcement on the 960 PRO and EVO SSDs, Samsung shared additional details on their new SSDs as well as some of their new underlying technologies powering them at the 2016 SSD Global Summit.


Samsung 960 Series SSDs

Samsung 960 PRO Performance Specs

As we saw previously in the announcement, the Samsung 960 PRO will feature 3 capacities 512GB, 1TB and 2TB. The drive will be powered by Samsung’s Polaris controller and 3rd Generation 2-bit MLC 3D V-NAND. It’ll also feature advanced packaging technology to reach its 2TB capacity which we discuss [...]

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September 20, 2016

Samsung Announces 960 EVO, PRO M.2 NVMe SSDs at SSD Global Summit 2016

Today, Samsung is kicking off their 2016 Global SSD Summit in Seoul, Korea. As anticipated from yesterday’s banners spotted around the halls of the Shilla Hotel in South Korea, Samsung is introducing two new drives, the Samsung 960 PRO and 960 EVO.


Samsung 960 PRO

Based on NVMe PCIe Gen 3 x4, the Samsung 960 PRO will be available in capacities of 512GB, 1TB and 2TB. The new 2TB capacity makes the Samsung 960 PRO the highest capacity M.2 NVMe SSD on the market. Samsung is able to achieve this through a “uniquely restructured package design” which we’ll likely be hearing about as the presentations kick off in just a few [...]

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September 20, 2016

PNY Announces GeForce GTX 1080 XLR8 OC Graphics Card

This week, PNY announced their new custom GTX 1080 graphics card: the GeForce GTX 1080 XLR8 OC. The new card combines an NVIDIA reference-design PCB with a custom triple fan cooling system and a factory overclock of 1708 MHz core and 1848 MHZ boost.

PNY GeForce GTX 1080 XLR8 OC

Sporting a rather clean industrial-style design with a black and red finish, the PNY GeForce GTX 1080 XLR8 OC features a triple 80 mm fan configuration which stay completely off while the GPU is at idle. Those fans cool a pair of aluminum heat sinks which utilize 8-mm thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes. The card draws power from a single 8-pin PCIe power connector and display output [...]

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September 20, 2016

WD Demos SanDisk 1TB Extreme PRO SDXC Card Prototype

Western Digital recently announced that they’re now demoing the new 1TB SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC memory card prototype at the Photokina show now happening in Cologne, Germany.

“Showcasing the most advanced imaging technologies is truly exciting for us,” said Dinesh Bahal, vice president, product management, Content Solutions Business Unit, Western Digital. “Sixteen years ago we introduced the first SanDisk 64MB SD™ card and today we are enabling capacities of 1TB. Over the years our goal has remained the same; continue to innovate and set the pace for the imaging industry. The SanDisk 1TB SD card prototype represents another significant achievement as growth of [...]

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September 20, 2016

Global GPU Market Expected to Surpass 67.71 Million Units by 2020

According to a recent report from Infiniti Research, the global GPU market is expected to surpass 67.71 million units by 2020.

Although hardly surprising, driving growth of the GPU market will be due in large part to the increasing adoption of integrated GPUs especially in notebooks which has accounted for more than 63% of total marketshare in 2015. Intel has been bundling their integrated GPUs with their mainstream processors for years in both desktop and notebook parts while AMD’s APUs have become one of their best selling products in both the desktop and notebook space which offers excellent value proposition for budget and midrange systems.

For [...]

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September 20, 2016

NVIDIA Announces Gears of War 4 GeForce GTX Game Ready Bundle

Gears of War 4 will be launching next month for both PC and Xbox One and today NVIDIA has announced a new promotion to bundle the title with its latest NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards and gaming notebooks. The “Never Fight Alone” bundle, which will include a digital copy of the full Gears of War 4 game will be available starting today with qualifying purchases of GeForce GTX 1080 andGTX 1070 graphics cards and select GeForce 10 series powered gaming laptops.

Gears of War 4 System Requirements

While the news of the bundle is great for fans who are in the market for a new GPU, you’re probably interested in finding out if the title will run on your current [...]

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September 20, 2016

Battlefield 1 Official Requirements Revealed

The latest installment of EA DICE’s long-running, Battlefield 1 will be available in just a little over a month on October 21st. With that in mind, fans of the series are likely anxious to find out what it’ll take to run the game at their desired settings. Today, we finally have an idea as DICE has released the official system requirements on the Battlefield 1 website.

Battlefield 1 System Requirements

Minimum Specs:

OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Processor (AMD): AMD FX-6350 Processor (Intel): Core i5 6600K Memory: 8GB RAM Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon™ HD 7850 2GB Graphics card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 660 2GB DirectX: 11.0 [...]
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September 20, 2016

Samsung 960 EVO, PRO Banner Spotted Before 2016 Samsung SSD Global Summit

We just arrived in Korea for Samsung’s annual SSD Global Summit. This year, Samsung will announce a pair of new consumer SSDs including the 960 EVO and the higher-end 960 PRO, which is the successor to last year’s 950 PRO, which brought Samsung’s 3D V-NAND and NVMe to a smaller, M.2 form-factor. While the official announcement will be tomorrow, we did get a sneak peek at both of the new models courtesy of a few product photos which Samsung integrated into their yearly theme.

Looking at the banners, we can see that both the 960 EVO and 960 PRO will be NVMe SSDs available in the M.2 form-factor. While the 960 EVO model will be available in [...]

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September 16, 2016

Logitech Acquires Saitek from Mad Catz for $13 Million

According to a recent announcement, Logitech acquired Saitek from gaming peripherals maker Mad Catz Interactive at the tune of $13 Million cash.

Saitek, who specializes in joysticks for flight simulators, wheels for farming simulators, and racing wheels for racing simulators, is expected to be a perfect complement to Logitech’s existing gaming peripherals lineup.

Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager of gaming at Logitech said: “We’re pleased with this tuck-in acquisition of the Saitek product portfolio. The Saitek product line complements our market-leading portfolio of Logitech G gaming products, including simulation products like our G29 and [...]

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September 15, 2016

Samsung Sends Out Invitations for Exclusive September 22nd SSD Event

Samsung Memory recently sent out exclusive invitations for their annual SSD Global Summit event which will take place on September 21-22 in Seoul, Korea. The world’s top SSD vendor is expected to release some new products and update us on the latest and greatest in SSD and NAND flash technology.

While the invitation doesn’t provide us much information of what’s to come, we’ll be expecting a few new products as this has been the case every year. At the 2015 Samsung SSD Global Summit, Samsung launched the PCIe based Samsung 950 PRO, at the 2014 event Samsung launched the Samsung 850 Pro, at the 2013 event Samsung launched the Samsung 840 EVO and [...]

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September 15, 2016

GLOBALFOUNDRIES 7nm FinFET Process Will Provide 30% Performance Increase, Double Logic Density

GLOBALFOUNDRIES recently announced their upcoming 7nm FinFET manufacturing process which is expected to go into production in early 2018.

According to the GLOBALFOUNDRIES, their new 7nm FinFET technology will deliver twice the logic density and 30% performance increase over current 16nm and 14nm FinFET processes. To accelerate development, the new process will significantly utilize tools and processes from their current 14nm FinFET process. Like competing foundries, GLOBALFOUNDRIES 7nm FinFET process will initially utilize an optical lithography, but will offer compatibility with EUV (Extreme UltraViolet) lithography as EUV technology matures.


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September 14, 2016

Review: Toshiba OCZ VX500 512GB SATA SSD

Updating the Mainstream

Ever since Toshiba’s acquisition of OCZ back in 2014, we’ve seen a gradual move away from not only the OCZ branding, but also many Toshiba inspired internal changes in its SSDs. OCZ, which changed its name to OCZ Storage Solutions last year, is now Toshiba OCZ and the SSDs themselves are now practically re-branded Toshiba products with slightly modified firmware, additional bundled software, and modified retail packaging for the consumer SSD market. Why Toshiba hasn’t dropped the entire OCZ brand as a whole I’m not quite sure, but it seems like they’re preparing to drop the axe.

Along with the change in [...]

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