With the increasing popularity of GPU cryptocurrency mining and multi-GPU configurations, Corsair has recently launched their first 1,500w PSU, the AX1500i. Whether you’re trying to break overclocking records, trying to break GPU khash/s records, or simply a hardcore PC enthusiast, the AX1500i has practically everything you’ll need to feed 1,500 watts of stable, digitally-controlled power to your system, even on typical North American 115V 15A circuits. By using a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to regulate the power output, it’s also the world’s first 1,500W PSU to receive the 80 PLUS Titanium certification by carrying a 94% efficiency rating at 50% load (115v).

Additionally, being a Corsair flagship AX series power supply, the AX1500i is completely modular, includes 140mm dynamic fluid bearing fan with Zero-RPM mode, an industry leading 7 year warranty, and, being one of Corsair’s digitally powered PSUs, also interfaces with Corsair Link technology out of the box allowing you to do some pretty sweet things such as monitor the power I/O, monitor efficiency, and regulate the fan speed all from your desktop.

As you can expect, all this power won’t come cheap as the Corsair AX1500i will set you back $449.99 when it goes on sale in late May.


Source: Corsair