Batman Arkham City Lockdown Review


Batman Arkham City Lockdown is an action adventure game released by Warner Bros. and Netherrealm Studios into the App Store for iOS devices.  Here’s the review of the game posted by Jared Nelson @ touchArcade

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. and Mortal Kombat developer NeatherRealm Studios surprised everybody by dropping Batman Arkham City Lockdown [$5.99], an iOS spinoff of the critically acclaimed console series, into the App Store. Batman Arkham City Lockdown is a streamlined take on its console big brother games, placing you in the role of Batman as he faces off against a stable of Gotham City’s infamous villains in one-on-one battles…

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Batman Arkham City Lockdown received positive users reviews. Perhaps the decision of putting Mortal Kombat franchise on-hold was a smart move by Netherrealms Studios.

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