AMD Ryzen CPUs In-Stock, But Where’s the AM4 Motherboards?


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Last week, AMD launched their highly anticipated Ryzen CPUs to huge fanfare and for the most part, the CPU has lived up to its expectations. While there is still quite a bit of controversy over whether or not it’s a strong CPU for gamers, other applications that are highly multi-threaded such as video editing or 3D modeling show Ryzen to be very clearly competitive against its Intel counterparts.

As such, AMD’s Ryzen CPUs have quickly “Ryzen” to the best seller lists of numerous vendors only to have dropped in the following days leading us to ask the question, what happened?

Well, as it turns out despite AMD’s assurances that Ryzen would be good to go in terms of stock on day one, it appears that either AMD or their motherboard vendors have dropped the ball on motherboards. In a quick search for AM4 Motherboards on Amazon, zero of the top eight motherboards were in stock whereas a quick search for Ryzen CPUs show all three of the new processors in stock and ready to go. The situation seems to be similar at other vendors as well including NeweggNCIX, and MicroCenter which has very limited to no stock on the majority of AM4 motherboards leading us to ask the question, what the heck?

Earlier, we reached out to AMD regarding the issue and have received no comment thus far.

Has anyone been able to get their hands on an AM4 motherboard? Has the motherboard shortage delayed your Ryzen system purchase? Let us know in the comments below!


      • x370 plz i want the asus,nothing wrong with msi or asrock…..have had bad customer experience with gigabyte (giigitty byte–qwagmiere (from fsmily guy)) :) :P in my younger years 40’s, but my crosshair and sabertiooth builds( intel and amd )for myself and others have been a joy. So i go with joy over frustration.

  1. Didn’t get my Ryzen until the 6th, won’t get the MSI Titanium Motherboard from Amazon until the 10-15th of March at least, who knows how long it will take Corsair to ship their AM4 bracket.

    By the time I get the required parts I’ll have it’s replacement built. :

  2. I would just like some hands on reviews of the boards before I purchase one. Finding their specs are no problem, but their have yet to be any reviews of the boards. Some review/comparisons would be nice.

  3. I would like to see some reviews and comparisons of the boards…not just a breakdown of the differences of the chipsets.

  4. Was watching Newegg as the board I want was estimated to become available today, but now the page updated to just remove that estimate, now it’s just showing out of stock.

  5. As of last night, I regrettably join the plethora of people with a pile of boxes for a new AMD Ryzen rig, all the components ready to go……..except for the motherboard – in my case the ASUS Crosshair VI Hero – I am checking Amazon every hour or so but only see “Temporarily out of stock”

    In mild defense to motherboard manufacturers, you have to agree the last two AMD CPU’s the Piledriver and Bulldozer were mediocre in sales/performance and motherboards are designed for the CPU so I can understand the caution on producing too many before you know if the CPU is a hot item or not.

    AMD Ryzen is for real and legit, Chinese New Years is over, sober up over there and produce those boards!

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