Best Gaming PC Builds of 2017

Welcome to Custom PC Review’s Best Gaming PC Computer Builds section! If you’re looking to build a new computer to play all the latest games, look no further because this is it! If you’re looking for another computer build such as a workstation build, please feel free to jump over to our Computer Builds section for more details!

Below you’ll find a list of what we think are the best components for gaming PC builds sorted by budget. Each piece of hardware in each build is hand-picked by our staff through consideration of a multitude of criteria such as price, performance, reliability, and cost. Furthermore, hardware recommend for our builds all have either been reviewed by us or is well known and highly regarded by the hardware community to ensure that our recommendations will give you the best gaming PC out there for the price. We’ve also designed our builds to be extremely balanced as well, favoring in-game FPS (frames per second) but ultimately not sacrificing cooling performance or aesthetics.

As usual, this article is meant to serve as a guide for reference purposes only. Hardware prices and availability is constantly fluctuating, so if any piece of hardware listed below is out of stock, or is priced improperly, feel free to let us know in our community forums.

Best Cheap Entry Level Gaming PC Build (Budget $500 – $800)

The purpose of our entry level gaming PC is simple – we want to give casual gamers a fairly cheap, budget computer build that would allow them to play older, less graphically demanding games at medium to high settings as well as newer games at lower detail/resolution settings.

Best Mid-Range Gaming PC Build (Budget $800 – $1,500)

The concept of the mid range gaming PC is pretty much going to be a machine that gives gamers the best “bang for the buck”. Each piece of hardware here is maximized in price to performance, but we also try to build the machine so that the price range is where performance is considered “good enough”. With this gaming PC, most games will be running at medium to high settings if played with a 1080P or 1440P monitor. This build will also provide entry to mid-level performance for VR games.

Best High End Gaming PC Build (Budget $1,500 – $2,000)

The high end gaming PC is going to be something that can run everything at 1080P or 1440P at high to ultra settings. This machine will burn through any game on the market, and will have plenty of room for expansion as well. Those interested in playing VR games or games at 4K resolutions will find that this build will do the job although performance in the newest games might not be as good as our extreme gaming PC build.

Best Extreme Gaming PC Build (Budget $2,000 – $3,000+)

Finally, we’ve also got the extreme gaming PC. This is the coveted gaming PC that will run most games on the market today at 4K with all the highest graphics settings enabled. Additionally, this kind of system is optimized for VR (Virtual Reality) and multi-display setups as well, which means those using Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround will be able to simultaneously use 3 or more monitors for that ultra level of immersion.


Question about why we chose X and not Y? Ask us in our community forums! We’d be happy to make recommendations on alternatives for out of stock parts, alternatives on in stock parts, help on putting the entire system together, and even suggest you a 100% custom build fit for your needs if you’d like. All you have to do is visit our forums, register, and post in the appropriate section! If you’d like more immediate help, feel free to swing by our community Discord channel.

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Last Updated: May 2017