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    • Hey Yaminos, Congrats on your first build! As for your questions... 1. What components did you purchase? If it's something with integrated video, then yes. If no, then you'll likely need to wait for the GPU.  2. Nope you just need the Windows 10 USB or DVD and that should be it. If you want to be super prepared, go ahead and head over to the motherboard vendor's website and download the latest drivers for your motherboard. Since you have a graphics card as well, go ahead and head over to either AMD or Nvidia's site to download the latest drivers there as well. 
    • That Mr. NUC case is way out in left field. That's actually a mini-pc that's not going to fit any components other than the ones that are already installed.  As far as the Corsair 270R vs NZXT S340, these are going to be fairly similar cases with similar features. What components are you specifically planning to put in there? For most builds, I'd recommend just picking the one that you think looks better or the one that's on discount at the moment. 
    • Well, you'll have to drill out the holes that you'll need to put in the standoffs to mount the motherboard. There's two ways to do this. If you want to be precise, you can download the ATX specifications, measure out the locations the holes need to go and drill it out. The other way is to just put the motherboard on the coffee table you plan to install it and just use a very thin pencil or something and mark the location of the holes. Then drill them out, put the standoffs and screw in the board. The rest of the pieces you can probably figure out. I'd probably just use a bracket for the power supply. The graphics expansion cards you may want to devise some sort of bracket solution or something so they don't move. atx-specification.PDF
    • I’m looking to build a coffee table case. What all would I have to do to it in order to install all the hardware? Like cutting out and drilling holes and if I have to put anything on the wood so I can mount everything? 
    • hello all i am not new to the pc world and have done a few builds with a friend before. But am now undergoing one by myself for the first time. I have already ran into a couple mistakes on my own, so i thought i would reach out to avoid anymore lol. i am almost done with the basics and ready to fire up. with a few questions 1. with everything in place mobo processor ram etc..minus the GPU, am i able to fire up the pc and install my MOBO bios update and configure pc while waiting for GPU. or should i wait for it all to begin anything 2. ive never booted a pc from scratch before (no OS or anything). I plan to install windows 10. Is there any usb drives or files i could have handy ahead of time to make it an esier process to get it all up and running  
    • the price matters, but it must be able to edit those 4k masterpieces, so hit me up with your affordable and good quality ideas   
    • Hi guys, so a friend of mine asked me to build a pc for him with which he can edit the videos he makes with his new 4K camera... So, I need your help with it, because even though I built myself a gaming pc, I am not sure about what to put into an affordable 4k video editing pc. He planeed paying about 1000$ for it, but I told him that it won't be enough if he needs it for 4K editing, and now he is kindda freaked out by the prices. Thanks in advance :)  
    • I have been looking around the site for mid tower cases that I might consider for my first build.  Here they are; Corsair - 270R Mr.NUC-V6-BTJ1900V3U NZXT - S340 (Black)   Can you perhaps give me the pros and cons for these cases? and which one would be the best in terms of design, airflow, durability, and price?