Tesoro Shows Off Ultra-Thin Mechanical Keyboard Featuring Gateron Switches

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Image Credit: Tom’s Hardware

Tesoro, a well-established gaming peripherals manufacturer, recently demoed an unnamed ultra-low profile mechanical keyboard. Although there’re already plenty of travel-friendly mechanical keyboards that are reduced in length, a reduction of height is necessary to further improve portability.

Image Credit: Tom’s Hardware

Tesoro’s new keyboard measures just 12mm thin. Despite it’s ultra-thin chassis, the keystrokes provide the same feedback as regular mechanical switches (albeit with much shorter travel). This is similar to the Azio MK-C keyboard we saw at Azio’s CES suite, the difference being that Tesoro uses switches manufactured by Gateron while the Azio MK-C uses switches manufactured by Khail. It’s unknown at this time if this new keyboard will feature backlighting, but what we do know is that it will use a custom stem.

The new Tesoro keyboard will be finalized sometime around Computex in June, no pricing information is available at this time.


Source: Tom’s Hardware

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