Corsair, a well established computer hardware manufacturer, recently announced their brand new AX1200i professional power supply for the enthusiast market.

The AX1200i is aimed at replacing their last generation flagship AX1200 power supply and includes a number of new improvements over its already excellent old brother. To start off, the AX1200i is a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) controlled PSU. Digital power allows for better ripple voltage smoothing (via PWM) and is therefore more manageable and more efficient. Since it’s a digital power supply, it’s no surprise that AX1200i is rated at 80PLUS PLATINUM which makes it 92% efficient (2% more efficient than the AX1200) when under load. The AX1200i will also feature a hybrid cooling system where the internal 140mm fan will not spin up when the power draw is under 480W.

Additionally, Corsair is also integrating the AX1200i with their own Corsair Link technology which will allow users to monitor their power supply in real time.

This includes real-time monitoring of temperature, current draw, and power efficiency, as well as the ability to adjust the speed of the internal 140mm fan. These features also allow for a unique level of customization, such as the ability to switch from the default single +12V rail configuration to a tailored “multi-rail” mode, with the ability to set over current protection set-points on a per-rail basis.

Of course, with great “power” comes great price and the Ax1200i is expected to hit the market in late July/early August with a steep price tag of $350, $50 more than the AX1200.

Source: Corsair/Anandtech