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Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation

Looks like DigiTimes has the scoop on Intel’s upcoming SSD lineup this year.

According to an article they recently published, Intel is apparently coming out with a couple SSDs this year, with their sources citing that “2012 is going to be a key year”. Beginning in May, Intel will introduce the 300 SSDs, codenamed Maple Crest, as well as the 720 series, codenamed Ramsdale. Both SSDs are expected to be based off Intel’s 25nm MLC process; however, other information about the drives are currently unknown at this time.

Additionally, Intel isn’t going to stop there and will be introducing the 500 series SSD, King Crest, in Q3 this year which will be based off Intel’s new 20nm MLC NAND. Following that, in Q4 they will also be introducing the 700 series, Taylorsville, along with the 300 series, Jay Crest and Oak Crest as well.

Again, additional information is still unknown at this time, but given the still inflated prices of hard drives, this kind of roadmap from Intel does look quite plausible. Need more? Hit the jump below!

Source: DigiTimes