Both AMD and Nvidia have announced their latest mobile GPUs.

AMD is launching their new 7000M series GPUs which contrary to our expectations, will probably be a simple rebadging of the 6000 series GPUs. Unfortunately yields at TSMC’s 28mm process were not as anticipated and AMD is intent on releasing a new GPU by the end of the year no matter what.

As a consequence we’re facing another rebadging situation: the 7000M series launching today is based on AMD’s Turks and Caicos GPUs, the same GPUs that make up part of the 6000M series. Thus AMD may technically be launching the 7000 series today, but it’s the 7000 series in name only. The launch of the 28nm Southern Islands architecture will happen soon enough, but it won’t be happening today.

On the green side of things, Nvidia has also launched their new 600m mobile GPUs which happens to also be a rebadge of their 500m series GPUs.

NVIDIA has the specifications up for their 600M parts, and it appears that they’ll be doing a straight rebadge without changing the clock speeds from the 500M equivalents—in fact, they’ll even keep the craziness that is the GT 555M.

Well, at least we got the new AMD HD 7000 series to look forward to right?

Source: Anandtech