Well, the GPU rumor mills are spinning once again and it seems like Nvidia is in the spotlight.

Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN “Black Edition”

A couple weeks ago, I was informed of some pictures of a brand new GeForce GTX TITAN “Black Edition” GPU which started floating around various online forums. The pictures showed a GeForce GTX TITAN sporting a never before seen black cooler, which looked like it could be a new GTX TITAN, but could’ve very well also been a very good user mod.

However, a recent report by Videocardz suggests that Nvidia will be releasing this brand new version of the GTX TITAN with 6GB of GDDR5 memory and higher double precision computing performance (aka. more FP64 CUDA cores) very soon. The new GTX TITAN “Black Edition” will replace the current generation GTX TITAN. As far as other specifications, the new GTX TITAN will include 2880 CUDA cores, 240 TMUs and 48 ROPs, which is exactly the same as current generation GTX TITANs. It seems like Nvidia’s main focus with the upcoming GTX TITAN is to improve its performance for CUDA based GPU compute type applications.

The GTX TITAN “Black Edition” is expected to come in at the same pricepoint as the current generation GTX TITAN at $999 around the February time frame. As it’s simply an update, it certainly seems plausible especially with Nvidia’s GPU development heavy GPU Technology Conference coming up in March.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 790

Now the second GPU that’s rumored to be coming out is the GeForce GTX 790, which is basically a dual GK110 GPU (GeForce GTX 780/780 Ti) card. This is a graphics card that’s been expected for a while, but hasn’t been released quite yet most likely due to the difficulty of adequately cooling a dual 250W TDP GPU solution.

While the specs are still unconfirmed rumor at this point, the most plausible configuration for the GTX 790 is a dual GK110 GPU card with 4992 CUDA cores (2496 CUDA cores per GPU), a dual 320-bit memory interface and a total of 10GB of onboard memory (5GB per GPU core). By reducing some of the GK110’s potential, Nvidia would be able to keep TDP lower so it wouldn’t be impossible to cool.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 790 is expected to arrive sometime in March with an asking price of $999. This also seems plausible especially with Nvidia’s Maxwell GPUs inbound sometime this year. If Nvidia doesn’t release a dual GK110 based GPU soon, they may not have a chance to do this down the line.

As usual, take these rumors with a grain of salt.

Source: Videocardz


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