KIN Raiders have accomplished another milestone achievement! It was only 3 days ago that they were the first guild in the world to defeat the first part of the Deathwing Heroic encounter of Dragon Soul raid instance. Now, KIN Raiders have achieved the world’s first kill on Madness of Deathwing in Heroic encounter. Big congratulations to KIN Raiders (즐거운공격대) from KR-Kargath!!

Before achieving the world’s first kill of Spine of Deathwing, KIN Raiders was ranked 42th in the world on Ultraxion Heroic and 13th in the world on Warmaster Blackhorn Heroic. After becoming the first guild to defeat Spine of Deathwing Heroic, which placed them rank 1 on WoWProgression, KIN Raiders will be forever remembered as the best guild in the world achieving the world’s first kill on the final boss in Dragon Soul Heroic Raid. Again, congratulations to KIN Raiders on their impressive accomplishments.

Source: WoWProgress