Unfortunately for those of you who were dreaming of getting a Razer Tiamat for the holidays, Razer is officially crushing those dreams. As announced earlier by Razer, the Tiamat 7.1 and 2.2 was expected to be released Q4 2011, but unfortunately that isn’t happening. For those of you on the Razer Tiamat’s “Notify Me” list, Razer will send you a care package (Razer T-Shirt and Razer Flask) for destroying your dreams.

The Tiamat 7.1 and 2.2 is expected to be released end of January 2012.

“Rest assured this product is coming out soon, but as we get ready to ship, we are also putting final touches to perfect this headset. We want to be sure that what you get is going to blow your ears away, no holds barred, and unfortunately like all Razer products, it’s ready when it’s ready,”

Source: TechPowerUp