Korean DRAM Maker Trashes 30-50K DRAM Wafers, DRAM Prices to Increase in Q3



Taiwanese technology site DigiTimes recently reported that a DRAM production issue has caused a Korean DRAM maker to scrap between 30,000-50,000 21nm DRAM wafers. According to DigiTimes’ industry sources, 21nm yields were not the issue; however, no specific reason was given for why the DRAM wafers were trashed.

DRAM prices have been falling since October 2014, but stabilized in June 2016 as chipmakers reduced production and fab capacity investment. While 30,000-50,000 DRAM wafers is unlikely to have a long term impact on DRAM prices, it may cause a short term price increase in Q3 as suppliers raise prices due to the constrained supply. DigiTimes sources report a possible increase of over 10%.

Interestingly enough, DigiTimes did not provide a name on who scrapped their wafers, but given that there are only two DRAM makers in S. Korea and with Samsung producing DRAM at 20nm, they’ve made it pretty easy to guess.


Source: DigiTimes


  1. so Hynix is the one producing at 21nm node?
    what type of management and quality controls do they have in order to have so many crappy wafers make continually go through to the end.
    I would never buy Hynix memory. pure junk. I have heard they skip some some steps that make the chips last longer and that their final testing is quite pathetic.

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