Google may have found a way to bypass the AdBlock plugin on its Google Chrome browser. The controversial AdBlock browser extension has been curbing internet ads ever since 2006, including the unskippable video ads that are implemented on Google’s Youtube videos.

In the past week, many users on Twitter have complained that despite having the AdBlock extension enabled, the unskippable, lengthy video ads were still appearing on Youtube. The ads can often last more than 3 minutes, which sometimes exceeds the length of video the user actually wants to watch. Google offers the option of skipping the ads halfway through, but only if the AdBlock extension is disabled or has Youtube white listed.

In the meantime, AdBlock has suggested removing the Youtube app from the Chrome browser to restore ad blocking on Youtube videos. Some users have also jokingly suggested switching to Firefox or Internet Explorer as a workaround.

The act of ad blocking has gained explosive popularity in recent years due to the intrusive nature of many ads and security concerns. According to a report by PageFair, ad blocking has costed publishers nearly $22 billion in 2015 alone.

Source: Neowin