Well, we totally saw this one was coming. Some guys at 3dcenter.org were able to get some information regarding the upcoming Nvidia 600 Series Kepler GPUs based on the GK100 and GK104 platforms.

They’ve laid out a pretty impressive chart comparing the current GF110 and GF114 chips to the new GK100 and GK104 chips and it looks like Nvidia is planning a tsunami on AMD’s Southern Islands.

The GK104 is looking to be the mid range Kepler chip (Think 560Ti, or GF114) and will sport 640 to 768 CUDA cores (aka stream processors) and a 384 bit GDDR5 memory interface. The current flagship Nvidia GPU, the GTX 580 is only sporting 512 of these CUDA cores and a 384 bit memory interface so even these mid-range cards will be pushing out some serious framerates.

On the other hand the GK100 is expected to be Nvidia’s top end GPU and will be released after the GK104 release. This card is expected to sport an insane 1024 CUDA Cores and a 512 bit GDDR5 memory interface!

So it does look like Nvidia is stepping up its game with the introduction of these 28nm Kepler GPUs. Still buying an AMD HD7000 series GPU? Comment below!

Source: TechPowerUp / 3DCenter