It’s been leak after leak after leak with the new AMD Southern Islands GPUs, so naturally we need to know what’s happening at Nvidia.

According to Fudzilla, Senior Product PR Manager at Nvidia, Igor Stanek has confirmed that Nvidia is “…on track with our Kepler roadmap. We have 28nm silicon in house now. Our transition to 28nm is going better than 40nm, and yields are better than our original plan.”

While they weren’t able to get any information on any specific timeframes when the actual cards are going to be released, they are expecting the cards to be released in Q2 2012. After all, the sooner the better because the HD7000 Series is going to be the first 28nm graphics chip to market and is expected to dominate until the release of Kepler whenever that may be. They are hoping for some more information on Kepler at CES 2012, so keep your eyes peeled in January.

Source: Fudzilla