Although Apple just launched their new MacBook Pros yesterday, the guys over at OWC already got their hands on the new 13″ base model MacBook Pro and of course they did the obligatory teardown to take a closer look.

Interestingly enough, one thing they discovered is that the SSD inside comes in a proprietary module sitting right underneath the speakers. Given that the SSD is in a module thatĀ isn’t completely soldered into the PCB, this means that the SSD can potentially be upgraded. Awesome.


Unfortunately, one look at the module and it’s pretty clear that the design is very proprietary. As such, it’ll likely take some time before 3rd parties come up with some sort of compatible SSD solution if anyone decides to make a solution at all however, it does give hope to prospective MacBook Pro owners that at least the SSD can be upgraded down the road, if nothing else.


Source: OWC