Android May Soon Overtake Windows as Most Popular OS


worldwide os marketshare feb 2017

According to the latest stats by online analytics company, StatCounter, Android is coming awfully close to overtaking Windows as the most popular OS (Operating System) on the internet.

Based on a global sampling of online users exceeding 15 billion pageviews per month collected from 3 million websites, Windows users represented just 38.6% marketshare of internet users while Android users represented 37.4% marketshare of internet users, putting Android a mere 1.2% marketshare away from overtaking Windows as the most popular OS on the internet. In a comment by StatCounter CEO, Aodhan Cullen, “The idea of Android almost matching Windows would have been unthinkable five years ago,” where Windows commanded an 82% global marketshare compared to Android’s paltry 2.2%.

statcounter worldwide global os desktop market feb 2017

While Windows is clearly about to lose the battle when compared against mobile device OSes, Windows continues to keep a tight hold on the worldwide desktop PC market where it continues to hold an 84.14% marketshare, a massive 72.54% greater marketshare than its closest competitor, OS X with a mere 11.6% marketshare.


Source: StatCounter


  1. What is really surprising is that iPhone (iOS) has not grown more. This is more of a user base view versus the other numbers we get each quarter from companies like Kantar are the market share for the quarter.

    Here we have iOS basically flat for 2 years now and Mac actually a little decline if I am reading the numbers correctly.

    These numbers suggest that Android is cutting into the iPhone market share which many do not talk about much. We have the iPhone decline in 2016 but had not thought the user base was harmed but this might suggest otherwise?

    • Well, I think any meaningful calculation as far as who’s losing to give Android a bigger marketshare is difficult since Android devices are outselling other devices many times over, so even if Apple or Microsoft isn’t necessarily losing sales, the fact that Android is getting so many more sales than everyone else, skews the results towards Android. I guess this is what happens when you offer a great product that costs a fat $0. It does absolutely show how dominant Google is becoming though. I can’t imagine Android not eclipsing Windows by the end of this year.

      If you’re interested in looking at other stats, StatCounter has browser marketshare as well. You could limit it to Desktop which considering Windows controls most of the desktop market, would give a good idea on browser marketshare.

    • Why would anyone cheer-lead for the dominance of a data harvesting, privacy violating, advertising company? When was that ever a good thing?

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