G.Skill has updated its high-end lineup of Trident Z DDR4 memory to include a variety of new color options to better suit themed builds. The new modules will not introduce any additional speed tiers compared to the existing options. Instead, the release focuses purely on aesthetic changes.

Trident Z 5 colors

Along with the existing brush aluminum, silver modules with red and black accents, the five new color schemes which can be seen above, include silver with white or black accents and black with white, yellow or orange accents.


G.Skill says the new modules should be available at the end of May with new color schemes available in select configurations only. Check out the chart below for details.


While there is, of course, nothing particularly new or innovative about the new color options, it is still great to see more customization options available, especially with the already stylish Trident Z heat spreader design.

Source: G.Skill