Following up on the leaked image of trays of AMD Ryzen CPUs as well as an up close shot of the CPU, a new image of a chart with SKUs and specifications of the stock Ryzen Wraith Cooler have also popped up around the web.

Currently, there seem to be two coolers available. The Wraith Max cooler is designed for up to 140W TDP CPUs while the Wrath Spire is designed for 95W TDP CPUs. The Wraith Max looks to have at least two heat pipes that extend out from the base and into the heatsink. The Wraith Spire simply has a fan seated on top of a circular cooler. Despite being rated for up to 140W and 95W TDP, both coolers are quite compact. Horizontal footprint is rated at 105mm x 108 mm for the Wraith Max and 109mm x 103mm for the Wraith Spire.

The higher end XFR enabled Ryzen 7 1800X and the 1700X appear to be getting the Wraith Max while the lower end AMD Ryzen 7 will just get the Wraith Spire. For those who prefer their own cooling solutions, AMD will sell higher end Ryzen CPUs either with or without a stock cooler.


Source: Infomaticacero via Videocardz