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No 10-core and 20-core CPUs from AMD

No 10-core and 20-core CPUs from AMD

Tom LiFebruary 7, 2012

AMD had made an executive decision to keep its current server platform and cancel the release of its 10 core and 20 core Opteron server processors.

Codenamed Terranmar and Spang, these 32nm SOI-based processors were originally scheduled for release in late 2012 along with the G2012 and C2012 server platforms, which both utilize the next generation Bulldozer Architectures.

This decision to keep its existing server platform means that AMD based servers will lack PCI-E 3.0 slots and tri-channel memory support.

AMD did not release much detail on why this decision was made, but some think it may be because the 32nm SOI process technology is very hard to manufacture without cutbacks in quality wafer yields.

Source: FudZilla

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