[section label=1. SanDisk Announces Availability of 15nm NAND]


Following Toshiba’s recent announcement regarding their mass production of 15nm NAND, SanDisk recently announced the availability of their own 15nm technology (SanDisk 1Z-nanometer technology) on both 2bit per cell and 3-bit per cell MLC NAND. Along with Toshiba’s 15nm NAND, this SanDisk’s 15nm NAND is currently the world’s finest with competitors such as SK Hynix, Samsung, and IMFT at 16nm, 19nm and 20nm respectively.

SanDisk’s 15nm NAND continues to use their proprietary All-Bit-Line (ABL) architecture which SanDisk claims will allow 15-nm NAND to deliver without “…sacrifice in memory performance or reliability.”

SanDisk is expected to begin production ramp on both 15nm 2-bit per cell and 3-bit per cell MLC in 2H2014.


Source: SanDisk

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SanDisk Announces 15 Nanometer Technology, World’s Most Advanced NAND Flash Manufacturing Node

SanDisk Corporation , a global leader in flash storage solutions, today announced the availability of its 1Z-nanometer (nm) technology, the most advanced NAND flash process node in the world. The 15nm technology will ramp on both two bits-per-cell (X2) and three bits-per-cell (X3) NAND flash memory architectures with production ramp to begin in the second half of 2014.

“We are thrilled to continue our technology leadership with the industry’s most advanced flash memory process node, enabling us to deliver the world’s smallest and most cost effective 128 gigabit chips,” said Dr. Siva Sivaram, senior vice president, memory technology, SanDisk. “We are delighted that these new chips will allow us to further differentiate and expand our portfolio of NAND flash solutions.”

The 15nm technology uses many advanced process innovations and cell-design solutions to scale the chips along both axes. SanDisk’s All-Bit-Line (ABL) architecture, which contains proprietary programming algorithms and multi-level data storage management schemes, has been implemented in the 1Z technology to deliver NAND flash solutions with no sacrifice in memory performance or reliability. SanDisk’s 1Z technology will be utilized across its broad range of solutions, from removable cards to enterprise SSDs.