Rumor: Ivy Bridge Bad Overclocker?


Intel Corporation

According to a recent post over at OBR-Hardware, retail Ivy Bridge CPUs are apparently worse overclockers than current Sandy Bridge chips! While the older E0 stepping 8 Ivy Bridge CPUs were good overclockers, the E1 stepping 9 chips, which happen to be the ones shipping to retail, are noticeably worse. In fact, the poster refers to the Ivy Bridge E1 (Core i7 3770K) as “total shit”.

The poster further advises owners of current generation Sandy Bridge CPU who are overclocking on air not to upgrade. They are also specifically citing that it’s the first time in a decade they’ve recommended “on air” overclockers to not upgrade to a newer generation CPU.

Personally, this is news to me since typically “tick” generation CPUs – especially those with a die shrink should in theory yield better overclock-ability, not worse. Of course, this information is rumor only, so I’d take it for what it is. That being said, in light of these rumors those purchasing a new air CPU cooler in preparation for Ivy Bridge should probably opt for something like this

Source: OBR-Hardware

Special thanks to forum member Vanhodid for the tip! Join the discussion here!


  1. What if the cpu is watercooled? Also, since the performance of the ivy bridge cpu is about 30% better than sandy bridge, would the ivy bridge cpu be on par with a sandy bridge even though it is at a lower clock speed when oc’d? 

  2. Hopefully the rumors aren’t true. I haven’t even purchase the 2600k because I’ve been waiting for this hopefully this is not a let down.

  3. how can it suck on air when we see reports of overclocking past 6GHz with very low voltage like 1.1-1.2V core voltage ? these rumors don’t make any sense to quote the poster they are “total shit”

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