Last week, Microsoft held a major event in Shanghai, China where the big news of the day was the release of the new Surface Pro. However, that’s not all that was revealed. During the event, Microsoft also revealed that they’re releasing Windows 10 China Government Edition, a custom version of Windows 10 designed specifically for the Chinese government.

The new version of the Windows 10 operating system was designed after two years of cooperation between Microsoft and the Chinese government. Based on Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, the Windows 10 China Government Edition allows additional functionality such as the ability to use your own encryption, control updates, remove unwanted apps, and manage telemetry. Lenovo will be among the first OEMs to offer systems with Windows 10 China Government Edition pre-installed.

So essentially, the Windows 10 China Government Edition is a version of Windows 10 that is more secure, less bloated, and offers better privacy options than other versions of Windows, which begs the question why isn’t that the version of Windows offered to everyone?


Source: Microsoft