Rumored AMD Zen Chipset Issue May Increase Cost for Motherboard Manufacturers



According to a recent article published by Digitimes, motherboard makers may be facing increased costs due to an issue in AMD’s upcoming motherboard chipset. Citing industry sources, Digitimes claims that the issue stems from a design flaw in the ASMedia USB 3.1 chip included in the chipset, which causes “…USB 3.1 transmission speeds drop dramatically as circuit distance increases”. As such, board makers are forced to add additional retimer, redriver, or additional USB 3.1 chips in order to make USB 3.1 function properly on the upcoming motherboards. ASMedia has denied such allegations citing that their “…product’s signal, stability and compatibility have all passed certification.”

If these rumors hold true however, this may be bad news for AMD. While redrivers and retimers are relatively low cost in the grand scheme of a whole motherboard, with the thin margins most board manufacturers currently operate on, this may cause higher than anticipated prices for AMD motherboards when Zen launches sometime before 1Q2017.


Source: Digitimes


    • Beating AMD into the mud is all the rage these days. Why stop now? If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might be inclined to spout that Nvidia and Intel have paid off all the media it could to prevent any hope of a return to market competition.

      Seriously though, many readers take these rumors for what they and move on. Then there are a certain number of readers who propagate them, transforming them into some sort of Internet truth. We all know if it’s not true, they can’t put it on the Internet! Right?!

      • this story needs to die, anybody can say anything they want, but everybody has to be held accountable for what they say and do, this story is a complete lie from a website that just wanted more attention, worst case AM4 motherboards will cost $20 more than their predecessors, that is it, that is the only story and it really isn’t much of one

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