Press Release

Plextor Launches Super-Fast SSD with Random Read/ Write Performance of 94,000/86,000 IOPS

M5 Pro sets a new standard in high-performance and high-reliability professional SSDs with unique data protection technology

Plextor, a leading developer of high-performance digital storage equipment, today announced the M5 Pro Series Solid State Drive, a high-performance professional-grade SSD engineered using the latest Marvell® 88SS9187 Monet controller. The M5 Pro provides a unique enterprise-grade double-data protection featuring random read/write speeds of up to 94,000/86,000 IOPS and sequential read/write speeds of up to 540/450 MB/s.

The M5 Pro has the ability to consistently deliver high read and write speeds for all forms of data and use the multi-core controller to handle extreme high loads. This makes the M5 Pro suitable for use in a heavy workstation, server role, or Raid 0 configuration setting. The M5 Pro also makes use of True Speed Technology to prevent the drastic performance drop seen in some SSDs after intense or long-term usage.

In line with the needs of advanced users for highest data integrity and confidentiality, the M5 Pro offers a unique enterprise-grade double-data protection technology. Using the latest 128-bit error correction system built into the latest Marvell controller, the M5 Pro is able to automatically check and correct the accuracy of data being read from the flash memory. This is complemented by a second layer of read protection offered by the robust data hold-out algorithm in Plextor’s exclusive firmware, thus allowing the drive to achieve total data accuracy even in the long-term. When data confidentiality is required, the drive uses hardware in the US Government AES-validated Marvell controller to provide secure 256-bit full-drive encryption.

With the M5 Pro, Plextor has focused on developing and supplying one of the most stable drives on the market. To achieve this, extensive pre-production testing took place using the world’s most advanced SSD testing facilities. It was only when the design was able to pass strict enterprise-grade Zero Error standard of 400 units surviving 500 hours of the toughest continuous testing without a single error or failure that the drive was manufactured. To ensure stability and reliability for individual drives, all drives undergo rigorous high-temperature burn-in tests and accelerated usage simulation testing.

“The M5 Pro is the next step in the evolution of the SSD combining high speed, drive reliability, and data-level protection,” said Kathy Huynh, Product Marketing Manager, Plextor. “In recent years, Plextor has been able to develop SSDs that deliver high real-world performance and sustained speed over the long-term. Our SSDs have one of the lowest annual failure rate in the consumer SSD industry. Now with the M5 Pro, we aim to use Plextor’s abilities to offer extreme data protection and give users total confidence in every single aspect of their drive.”

Each M5 Pro SSD is backed by an industry leading five-year warranty and Plextor’s extensive international support infrastructure. The Plextor M5 Pro will be available in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB capacities mid-August 2012.