Press Release

Hue LED configurator delivers advanced PC illumination control

NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to announce Hue, an LED configurator that grants PC enthusiasts the power to completely customize chassis illumination. With three RGB controls, Hue enables users to adjust the color fade, pulsating light effects, and brightness levels of your internal LED sleeve. It also features a simple on/off switch in so you can quickly turn down the lights while watching a movie or heading to bed after a marathon gaming session. Installation is a breeze with Hue’s stealthy mesh design that blends flawlessly into the façade of any front panel.

“Proper LED lighting can immensely affect the aesthetic appeal of your rig” said Johnny Hou, Founder and Product Manager at NZXT. “Now enthusiasts have complete control right at their fingertips with the ability to adjust color fade and add pulsating effects with instant gratification.”

Hue is available for purchase now for $32.99. Check out the product page for more information.