NZXT has announced a new version of their previously available Noctis 450 mid-tower chassis. The new Noctis 450 ROG, is a special edition case which is nearly identical to the standard version with a few new added features.

NZXT Noctis 450 ROG – Republic of Gamers Certified Chassis

The new chassis, which was developed in conjunction with ASUS’ Republic of Gamers division, is designed with high-end gaming systems in mind. What separates it from the standard Noctis 450 are two key design elements: Firstly, the Noctis 450 ROG comes to an exclusive, “Gun Grey” finish, which is more than just a different color; it also includes a unique, ROG-style pattern which is painted on both side panels.

The second and arguably most exciting feature of the Noctis 450 ROG, is the inclusion of built-in RGB lighting strips which are fully compatible with ASUS’ Aura certified motherboards such as the recently released ASUS ROG STRIX Z270E GAMING.

Aura compatibility means the chassis lighting can be synchronized with other Aura-certified components, and fully controlled via the Aura software. This allows for full user control of the two internal lighting strips, the case’s power LED indicator, under glow and the illuminated NZXT logo located on the PSU shroud. If you decide to use the chassis with a non-Aura certified motherboard, then you can use the included 4-pin adapter which will simply turn all of the internal and external LEDs red.

The Noctis 450 is available for pre-order now and is expected to ship sometime in February. Pricing is set at $179 USD, which is a $30 premium compared to the standard Noctis 450 chassis.

For more information, check out NZXT’s website.


Source: NZXT