Nvidia Job Postings Suggest Nvidia GPU Return to Apple Computers


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The keen eyes over at Bloomberg recently spotted several job posting from Nvidia which may suggest a return of Nvidia GPUs to Apple computers.

Some of the jobs that were recently posted include “METAL COMPUTER AND OPENCL SOFTWARE ENGINEER – MAC“, “METAL AND OPENGL SOFTWARE ENGINEER – MAC“, and “SENIOR SYSTEM SOFTWARE ENGINEER“. According to Bloomberg, one of the jobs even says that the successful applicant¬†will “help produce the next revolutionary Apple products.”, “working in partnership with Apple”, and writing code that will “define and shape the future” of graphics software on Macs.

While this is still short of confirmation that Nvidia graphics will return to Apple’s computers, investments into software engineers to support Apple’s MacOS with drivers is a strong sign that Nvidia wants to get back into the game. After all, you don’t just dump money into programs that you don’t foresee will materialize.

Apple dumped Nvidia GPUs for AMD GPUs across its entire lineup several years ago. While Nvidia still dominates the discrete graphics card market, AMD has been crawling back marketshare thanks to their new Polaris based GPUs. Many believe AMD will continue to be the primary supplier of graphics for the upcoming Macbook Pro refresh at the end of this year.


Source: Bloomberg

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