For retro gamers who loved Nintendo’s re-release of the NES Classic last year, Nintendo is back again, this time with a re-release of the SNES Classic. Earlier this morning Nintendo of America’s Twitter let this bombshell out!

According to Nintendo, the SNES Classic will retail on September 29th for a retail price of $79.99 and it includes such classic games like:

  1. Contra III: Alien Wars
  2. Donkey Kong Country
  3. EarthBound
  4. Final Fantasy III
  5. F-Zero
  6. Kirby Super Star
  7. Kirby’s Dream Course
  8. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  9. Mega Man X
  10. Secret of Mana
  11. Star Fox
  12. Star Fox 2 (previously unreleased)
  13. Street Fighter II Turbo
  14. Super Castlevania IV
  15. Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts
  16. Super Mario Kart
  17. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
  18. Super Mario World
  19. Super Metriod
  20. Super Punch-Out!
  21. Yoshi’s Island

Unlike the previous NES Classic re-release, Nintendo plans on releasing additional games for the SNES Classic as well. Those who are interested should try to pick one up as soon as possible. Although many of us PC gamers may already have all the right emulators set up on our PC’s, nothing really beats an old school controller and a legit retro machine for some classic gaming.

More information is available Nintendo’s SNES Classic webpage.