Several days ago, Microsoft revealed a new Game Mode in the upcoming Windows 10 Creator’s Update which will be included in the latest Preview Build.

In an overview video released earlier, Microsoft briefly described how Game Mode is going to work on PCs. Essentially, Game Mode aims to raise the maximum FPS and average FPS by prioritizing CPU and GPU resources to your game. Microsoft didn’t share much more beyond that, but it gives us a rough idea of what Game Mode does.

Microsoft is still working get all games to activate Game Mode automatically, but it will likely need to be manually enabled for most games initially. To help make this simple, Microsoft is adding an in Game Bar that can be activated by pressing “Windows+G”. To turn on Game Mode for a particular title, simply launch the Game Bar and select the game that’s currently running.

Microsoft is also giving gaming-related settings its own section in the Windows “Settings” menu as well which quite frankly is about damn time. Those interested in testing the new Game Mode and are enrolled in the Windows Preview Program, you’ll be able to download the latest Preview Build now. For the rest of us, we’ll have to wait until the spring.