More details on the release date of the Intel’s new lineup of 22nm Ivy Bridge processors have been leaked by Cnet and DigiTimes. Both reports are suggesting that release is scheduled for April 23 (moved up from the previous rumor of the 29th).

The new Ivy Bridge processors will feature a  die shrink to 22nm and will be equipped with Intel’s new 3D transistor technology, which “flips” the transistors on its side. This technology will create more space for more transistors and as we all know more transistors typically translates into more processing power as well. Many of the top OEM computer manufactures are rumored to unveil their brand new Ivy Bridge powered laptops around early May.

Considering an earlier report from Apple Insider pegged the release of Apple’s refreshed Ivy Bridge powered 15″ MacBook Pros at the end of this month, this rumor is beginning to sound very likely. Either way, it seems like all rumors are pointing towards Ivy Bridge being released at the end of this month.

Source / Image Source: MaximumPC