Intel Denies AMD Graphics Licensing Rumor, AMD Stock Price Returns to Normal


intel amd radeon licensing agreement

Recently, Fuad Abazovic of online tech publication Fudzilla published an article, “Intel is licensing AMD’s graphics”, which confirmed without providing sources that AMD and Intel had struck a licensing deal for Intel to license AMD’s graphics technology. While the story was plausible given Intel and Nvidia’s history, it turns out that this was nothing more than rumor and speculation.

According to a recent article at Barron’s, Barron’s Tech Trader Daily blog recently received a statement from Intel stating that “The recent rumors that Intel has licensed AMD’s graphics technology are untrue.” Intel provided no additional comment as to whether Intel is interested in licensing AMD’s graphics technology.

Following Fudzilla’s rumor, AMD stock shot up by as much as 12% on Tuesday which returned to original levels on Wednesday after Intel’s statement on the matter.


Source: Barron’s

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