For those of you looking for the most compact mITX case that can fit a reasonably powerful build, the Dr Zaber Sentry could be the answer.

Sporting a design that’s just a mere 6.96L in volume, the Dr Zaber Sentry measures just 340mm wide, 66mm high, and 310mm in depth yet can fit a full mITX motherboard, full SFX/SFX-L power supply, 305mm long dual slot graphics card, and up to nine 2.5″ drives depending on the graphics card installed.

The Dr Zaber Sentry is currently on Indiegogo with an impressive fully funded campaign of almost $175,000, greatly exceeding their goal of just $19,500 with 17 days left. Those interested in being the first to receive a Sentry case can purchase one on the Indiegogo campaign. The Sentry is currently priced at $195 for Indiegogo campaign backers with full retail price expected to be $235 when it rolls out to retail down the road. More information on the Sentry can be found on the Dr Zaber Sentry website here.