At CES 2014, one of the coolest products we saw was the CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini SFF (Small Form Factor) Gaming PC and we’ve recently been informed that CyberPowerPC is now taking orders for the new system.

As expected, CyberPowerPC will offer the Zeus Mini in either AMD (Zeus Mini-A) or Intel (Zeus Mini-I) varieties with the AMD edition packing AMD’s latest Kaveri APU along with R7 or R9 graphics and the Intel edition packing Intel’s latest 4th generation Core processors along with Nvidia 700 series graphics. The systems will also include support for 2.5″ and 3.5″ HDD/SSDs, support for an optical drive, ability to install up to 240mm radiators for watercooling, and will come with next gen 802.11ac Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 4.0.


Of course, all internal components on the Zeus Mini are standard, which will make it one of the few gaming PCs packed in a 4.4-inch x 17.4-inch x 13-inch chassis that will allow full upgradeability down the line.

For those interested in ordering one today, both the Zeus Mini-A and Zeus Mini-I are currently available at the CyberPowerPC website starting at $599.00 and $659.00 respectively.