Cooler Master Unleashes MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJ PSU


cooler master masterwatt 1200w psu press image 1

Cooler Master recently announced their most ambitious power supply ever, the Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJ.

Designed in cooperation with Japanese electronics manufacturer, Murata, the Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJ is a 1200W power supply featuring better than 80+ Titanium efficiency. In order to meet these demands, components used within the power supply is the absolute highest quality with 80% of the components used made in Japan. Further, at least 20 of the components are custom designed including the Murata planar transformer, custom power conversion circuits, and a custom circuit board layout. Backing up the MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJĀ is also a 10 year warranty.

Of course, with great engineering comes a great pricetag. The Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJ will retail for $999 when it becomes available in March 2017.

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