Cooler Master has done some major house keeping in the past two years. At Computex 2016, Cooler Master populated its booth with some cool new products that will aid its journey to reshape its brand name.


Cooler Master is looking to unleash full set of peripherals to the gaming market in the upcoming months. The new Master line up includes the Master Keys mechanical gaming keyboard, the Master Pulse, and the Master Mouse.

The new Master Mouse series will come in three tiers: Pro L, S, and Lite. They’re each priced at different categories and each comes with features appropriate for the price.

Manufacturer Cooler Master
Model MasterMouse Pro MasterMouse S MasterMouse Lite
Sensor 12,000DPI Optical Sensor 7,200DPI Optical Sensor 2,000DPI Optical sensor
Size Large/Medium, ambidexterous Small, ambidexterous  Small, ambidextrous
Layout 2 side buttons on either side, 1 DPI button 2 side buttons on the left, 1 DPI Button 2 side buttons on the left, 1 DPI Button
Price N/A N/A N/A


Out of the three available, the MasterMouse Pro L is definitely the most interesting. Its shell can be swapped between a longer and shorter version to cater to either the claw or palm grip. The side grips also have different rivets in them for people who like their fingers to lie flat on the mouse.



Cooler Master has also added a new member to its MasterCase Series. The MasterBox 5 is the more affordable option in the MasterCase line that focuses air cooling. It features a more conservative design, large side panels, and a full-height front dust filter. Signature to the MasterCase series, the MasterBox 5 will offer varying degrees of customizability. Both the top and front panels can be replaced with solid aluminum ones for more additional sound dampening. The case will be available in both white and black.

In addition to the case, Cooler Master has also unveiled a “hybrid” cooler that will soon hit the market. According to the introduction at their booth, the new cooler will use both water and air cooling. So far, there’s no info regarding its performance, materials, size, or launch date. We were only able to grab a shot before we left.