First unveiled as a premium gaming brand from Gigabyte back at CES 2014, Aorus is continuing to expand their lineup at Computex 2015 with a brand new gaming laptop and a refresh of the Aorus X7.

The Aorus X series is a family of premium gaming laptops aimed straight at gamers, enthusiasts and content creation professionals. Not only do they pack incredible features and performance for users on the go, they’re also extremely versatile with plenty of options to extend their usability.

Model Aorus X3 Plus V3 Aorus X5 Aorus X7 Pro-SYNC
CPU Intel Core i7-4710HQ (Haswell) Intel Core i7-5700HQ (Broadwell) Intel Core i7-4870HQ (Haswell)
GPU Nvidia GTX870M Nvidia GTX965M SLI Nvidia GTX970M SLI
RAM 8GB DDR3L, 2 slots (Max 16GB) 8GB DDR3L, 4 slots (Max 32GB) 8GB DDR3L, 4 slots (Max 32GB)
Storage mSATA 128GB/256GB/512GB, 3 slots mSATA 128GB/256GB/512GB, 3 slots + 2.5” 1TB/2TB HDD 5400/7200rpm, 1 slot mSATA 128GB/256GB/512GB, 3 slots + 2.5” 1TB/2TB HDD 5400/7200rpm, 1 slot
Display 13.9″ QHD+ (3200x1800p) IGZO 15″ 3K (2880x1620p) IPS 17.3″ 1920×1080 IPS
Thickness/Weight 0.9in / 4.12 lb 0.9in / 5.51 lb 0.9in / 6.6 lb

The newest model being released is the Aorus X5 which is a 15.6″ gaming notebook featuring a 5th Generation Intel Core i7-5700HQ (Broadwell) processor, 8GB DDR3L 1866MHz memory, 15.6″ WQHD+ 2880×1620 G-Sync IPS display, 2x Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M in SLI, 802.11AC WiFi with Killer LAN, 3x M.2 slots and a 2.5″ HDD slot… and that’s not all. It’s also the first Aorus notebook to include a Avermedia capture chip which will allow game streaming to services such as with little to no impact on game performance all in a 0.9″ thick profile weighing in at just 5.51lbs.

The Aorus X7 Pro-Sync have also received minor upgrades over its predecessor. As its new name suggests, the Aorus X7 Pro-Sync now includes a G-Sync panel for G-Sync support. The Aorus X3 Plus V3 was refreshed earlier this year, so no changes are being introduced at Computex.

For those interested in picking up an Aorus gaming notebook, the Aorus X3 Plus V3 should already be available for purchase from your favorite e-tailor. The new Aorus X5 and the refreshed Aorus X7 Pro-SYNC are expected to come at the end of June. As a premium line of products, you’ll be paying $2,199 for the Aorus X3 Plus V3, $2,299 for the Aorus X5, and $2,599 for the Aorus X7 Pro-SYNC.