amd-logo-1Undoubtedly AMD’s been feeling a little like the underdog in the CPU arena as of late. While its FX line of processors provide plenty of processing power, they are slightly outmatched when compared to Intel’s Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge-E competition.

But as Winston Chrchhill said:”Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”, and AMD seems to be doing just that. According to, there are rumors floating around that AMD is planning to release a higher clocked FX chip based on the same Vishera architecture used for the FX-8350. Code named Centurion, it will be made in very limited quantities and will be guaranteed to run at an impressive 5GHz on air cooling.

There’s a catch for this bad boy though. HEXUS claims that their sources have indicated to them that the Centurion will be sold at $795 a pop. That’s the price of a mid-range desktop PC. Then again, everything is pure speculation at the moment, only AMD knows what’s really cooking inside the pot.