Bundling games with graphics cards seems to be a popular marketing strategy for both Nvidia and AMD. With the release of a number of AAA titles on the horizon, both companies revamped their gaming bundles to include some awesome looking, soon-to-come games.

AMD has has a long history of bundling the hottest titles with their high performance cards. With the most recent refresh of their “Never Settle Reloaded” gaming bundle, they’ve added the Ubisoft’s newest FPS, Farcry 3: Blood Dragon, to the pack. Players who have already activated their coupon code will receive their key via email, while players with new coupons will automatically receive the game once the code is activated. The keys will be distributed on May 1st.

In the green corner, Nvidia is aiming to please Metro 2033 fans by bundling the highly anticipated sequel, Metro: Last Light, with the Geforce GTX660 and above. The bundle will be available after April 16th.


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