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September 8, 2017

Get Spotify and Hulu for $5 (If You’re a Student)

Spotify and Hulu has teamed up to bring students affordable entertainment. Their new student bundle nets students both Hulu and Netflix in a single $5 package.

The package includes Spotify Premium and Hulu’s Limited Commercials plan. If you’re subscribed to Spotify Premium Student already, you can tack on the Hulu for free. The vice versa is true if you have an active Hulu Limited Commercials plan subscription.

While the current deal is only available to students, Spotify and Hulu are looking into some sort of plan for all users as well. Spotify’s own ventures in a video platform hasn’t done well, so a tight partnership with one of [...]

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July 21, 2017

How to Enable YouTube’s Secret Dark Theme to Reduce Eye-Strain

If you’ve ever tried watching a few hours of YouTube in the dark, you’ll know that the bright white background color YouTube uses is downright painful to the eyes. This is why competing online video services such as Netflix or Hulu uses a black background.

Because of this, users have been requesting a dark theme from YouTube for years and while it hasn’t been officially released yet, it’s being rolled out to select users as part of a beta test.

Of course, if you’re like me and can’t wait, turning it on only takes a few quick steps.


Enable YouTube’s Dark Theme

YouTube’s Dark Theme is [...]

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July 7, 2017

Nvidia GTX 10-Series GPU Owners Can Now Watch Netflix at 4K

One of the biggest benefits to Intel’s latest Kaby Lake CPUs is that it supports built-in DRM as well as dedicated 4K video processing capabilities. As such, only those fortunate enough to own Intel’s latest and greatest were granted access to Netflix’s glorious 4K video library, until now.

Tucked in with Nvidia’s latest 384.76 GeForce Game Ready Drivers is support for Netflix 4K streaming for all of Nvidia’s latest 10-series Pascal architecture based GPUs. However, there are a couple caveats.

First, you’ll need to download the Windows 10 Netflix App. The app features stronger forms of copyright protection than the web [...]
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March 2, 2017

Amazon Reveals Massive AWS Outage Due to a Layer 8 Error

On Tuesday, a massive Amazon AWS outage caused a four hour outage for many popular sites such as Spotify, Netflix, Reddit, Pinterest, and others. As it may seem that the only thing that could cause an outage like this is like a massive DDOS or other major issue, the truth behind the matter is slightly a bit more embarrasing.

According to a statement recently issued by Amazon, the AWS outage was actually nothing more than an OSI Reference Model Layer 8 issue, or human error. It appears that in the process of removing a small set of servers from Amazon’s billing system, the Amazon AWS employee in charge of the operation fat fingered the command, instead [...]

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February 2, 2017

Charter Sued Over Slow Internet Speeds, 640,000+ Customers Allegedly Affected

Charter Communications has been sued by the state of New York. The reason? Slow internet speeds.

The lawsuit, which simply seeks full restitution, was filed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who told customers that “The allegations in today’s lawsuits confirm what many of you have long suspected… Spectrum-Time Warner has been ripping you off.”

According to the lawsuit, Charter’s recent acquisition, Time Warner Cable, had been ripping off customers since 2012 by selling them higher speed internet services than it could actually deliver. As a result, more than 640,000 customers received slower internet services than [...]

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December 22, 2016

Review: Google Home Smart Speaker – A Good Start

OK Google

Several years ago, Amazon unveiled the Echo, a smart speaker designed to use Amazon’s Alexa AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform to help make life easier for its customers. While the Amazon Echo’s functionality was relatively basic when it was launched back in 2004, its functionality has improved significantly over the years as newer functionality and additional compatibility with services have been added.

As Amazon’s Echo has been in the market relatively uncontested for the past two years, it was about time someone else jumped into the smart speaker game and who else is more appropriate than Google who revealed back in May that they [...]

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November 11, 2016

AT&T Stream Saver Copies T-Mobile’s Binge On, But Doesn’t Make Streaming Video Free

For those who constantly go over their data limits every month, AT&T is launching a new data saving feature they’re calling Stream Saver to help video streaming customers stay under their data limits.

According to the recent announcement, Stream Saver will limit streamed video to 480p, or standard definition thereby reducing the amount of data used when streaming video. AT&T will begin activating the new “free and convenient” feature for their postpaid and GoPhone customers, and will begin sending out notifications when the feature is active. Customers who wish to opt out can do so on AT&T’s myAT&T site or Premier for [...]

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October 21, 2016

Internet Down? Massive DDOS Cyber Attack Takes Down Major DNS Provider

Is your internet down today? You’re not alone. A massive DDOS attack against DNS provider, Dyn, has taken down a number of the world’s largest websites including Reddit, Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, PayPal and more.


What is a DNS?

How did this happen? Well in order to understand how this happened, one must first understand how a DNS works. When any device is hooked onto the internet, it gets an IP address which is a number such as This number identifies your computer to the world, but if you’re say Netflix and you want people to find you as rather than, you need someone to translate [...]

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October 9, 2016

T-Mobile Halts Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Sales Again, Offers $25 Bill Credit for Returns

Looks like Samsung just can’t catch a break with their new Galaxy Note 7. After recent reports of even the newly exchanged Galaxy Note 7’s exploding and catching on fire, T-Mobile is now halting sales of the Galaxy Note 7, offering a refund and exchange, and bill credit for affected customers.

According to a recent press release, T-Mobile is encouraging owners of pre-exchange and post-exchange Galaxy Note 7 devices purchased from T-Mobile to return the devices to T-Mobile for a full refund. Customers can then choose any other device from T-Mobile’s inventory. T-Mobile will waive restocking fees and early adopters who pre-ordered the phone will [...]

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October 4, 2016

Google Announces Pixel, Pixel XL, Daydream, Chromecast Ultra, Wifi, Home at Made by Google Event


As expected, Google launched a whole host of new hardware today at their Made by Google event in San Francisco, California.


Google Pixel and Pixel XL

We’ve seen seeing quite a few leaks for the past couple days on Google’s new smartphones, the Pixel and Pixel XL. These phones will be replacing Google’s Nexus lineup of smartphones and will be Google’s first smartphone that will be fully Google branded although previous rumors have pegged HTC as the actual manufacturer. Whether HTC is just providing Google with manufacturing only or if they have anything to do with the design we’re not sure, but HTC [...]

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