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September 26, 2017

Intel Launches 8th Generation Coffee Lake CPU Lineup

Following the release of the 8th generation “Kaby Lake-R” mobile CPUs last month, Intel has finally launched its 8th generation “Coffee Lake” CPUs.

Model Core i7-8700K Core i7-8700 Core i5-8600K Core i5-8400K Core i3-8350K Core i3-8100K Cores / Threads 6/12 6/12 6/6 6/6 4/4 4/4 Frequency (Base/Boost) 3.7Ghz / 4.7GHz 3.2Ghz / 4.6GHz 3.6Ghz / 4.3GHz 2.8Ghz / 4GHz 4Ghz / NA 3.6Ghz / NA Cache 12MB 12MB 9MB 9MB 8MB 6MB TDP 95W 65W 95W 65W 91W 65W Price $359 $303 $257 $182 $168 $117

Coffee Lake uses an improved version of the 14nm FinFET. Though there’s still no transistor node shrink (we’ll have to wait until [...]

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September 24, 2017

Intel Core i7-8700K Rumored to Use TIM Again Limiting Overclocking Potential

Chinese tech site Expreview reports that the six core Intel Core i7-8700K CPU has its overclocking potentials gimped once again as the company has decided to use lower quality TIM rather than solder.

The article states that while the chip itself is excellent and can overclock beyond 4.8GHz without dramatic increases in voltage, heat will be the greatest barrier to achieving this. While Expreview hasn’t posted pictures of the CPU de-lidded, the author attributes the thermal compound as the culprit, stating that the thermal compound applied under the lid is poor quality TIM rather than solder. As a result, those who want overclocks beyond 4.8 GHz or 5 GHz will [...]

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February 10, 2017

8th Gen Intel Core CPUs May Use Both 10nm,14nm Process

Remember the slide Intel recently presented at their annual investor day conference that may have looked a bit strange? The one above where it shows “ADVANCING MOORE’S LAW ON 14nm” with 8th Gen Intel Core i7 right underneath showing a >15% performance increase in SysMark? While many have chalked it up to a typo, it seems like it actually confirms that not all of Intel’s upcoming 8th Generation processors may be manufactured on Intel’s 10nm manufacturing node.

In a recent tweet sent out by Motley Fool Senior Technology Specialist, Ashraf Eassa, Eassa had some interesting bits to share about his experience at the investor [...]

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February 9, 2017

Intel 8th Gen Cannonlake CPUs to be 15%+ Faster Than 7th Gen Kaby Lake

Although AMD’s Ryzen chips are the hot topic at least until their launch either end of this month or early next month, Intel recently held their investor day to convince investors why it’s still a great idea to invest in Intel.

During the presentation, Intel President of Client & IoT Business and Systems Architecture Group President, Dr. Murthy Renduchintala, told investors that Intel’s upcoming 10nm Cannonlake CPUs (8th Generation Core) will perform over 15% better when compared to current generation 14nm Kaby Lake CPUs (7th Generation Core). Of course, these numbers are only based on the SYSmark 2014 benchmark, so it’s unclear where [...]

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January 5, 2017

CES 2017: Intel Demos 10nm Cannonlake, Will Ship by End of 2017

After being the first to reach 22nm then subsequently 14nm FinFET, Intel’s chip development pace has slowed considerably for the move to 10nm with many losing confidence in Intel’s ability to maintain a chip manufacturing advantage over competitors such as TSMC, Samsung, and GlobalFoundries.

During Intel’s CES 2017 press conference, Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich however, did not believe Intel’s manufacturing capabilities have diminished as he demonstrated the world’s first 2-in-1 PC running on Intel’s upcoming 10nm Cannonlake platform. During the presentation Krzanich also reassured the audience that Moore’s Law is not dead and [...]

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July 21, 2016

Intel Confirms 7th Generation Kaby Lake CPUs Now Shipping

Intel recently released their 2Q2016 earnings and one of the big things Intel CEO Brian Krzanich confirmed for investors is that Intel’s upcoming 7th Generation Intel Core processors, codename Kaby Lake, was already shipping.

“I’ll start with the Client Computing Group, where we saw a 3% decline in revenue year over year this quarter, while operating margin was up 19%. These results were a little better than we expected, as the PC supply chain reduced inventories at a slightly slower rate, while the 2-in-1 and enthusiast product lines continued to grow. We also started shipping our seventh generation Core microprocessor, formerly known as Kaby [...]

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October 8, 2016

Rumor: Cannonlake Pushed Back to H2 2017, Kaby Lake on Track for Q3/Q4 2016

According to benchlife, Intel’s Cannonlake CPUs may be postponed (again) to H2 of 2017. We should, however, expect to see the Kaby Lake CPU before the year ends.

According to the article, we’ll most likely be seeing Kaby Lake-U and Kaby Lake-Y series before the desktop versions are released in the first quarter of 2017. Laby Lake will require a new LGA1151 socket, and therefore a new motherboard.

Intel’s Kaby Lake processor will break Intel’s tick-tock nomenclature by not using finFETs built on a new manufacturing process. It will be used as a filler product between the release of Cannonlake and Skylake CPUs. It will be built [...]

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