With Kickstarter making such a loud entrance to the gaming industry, companies can’t help but ask the faithful pc gaming community for their support. Various up and coming, or even old and forgotten indie game studios have turned to Kickstarter in order to fund/develop games that the AAA game developers would never even consider.

Introducing: Police Warfare

It’s a fast paced multiplayer FPS game that revolves about the classic childhood concept of “Cops and Robbers”. There seems to be an abundant amount of vehicles such as helicopters, armored cars, and of course armored trucks. For those familiar with the SWAT series, this game will probably also be bringing more realistic concepts of law enforcement, so you’ll be seeing a large arsenal of non-lethal weapons and more crowd-control methods for taking down criminals. Tasers, landmines, bombs, and robots fitted with firearms?! Maybe.

They are also bringing back the sorely missed concept of rappelling. Now if you’ve ever played Rainbow Six or other tactical shooters, you know what I am talking about – the cleverness you feel when you bust into a room and lock it down in the most tactical way ever just makes you feel like a boss. With new era gaming revolving around high production values and rewarding players with shiny things instead of actually providing satisfying gameplay, I am hoping this game will somehow spur the development of such high quality tactical shooters back onto the market.

I’m very curious as to see the course that this game takes in the gaming industry and whether or not it could possibly be a worthwhile franchise. The closest things to a bank robbery / criminal game are APB, GTA, the SWAT franchise, and maybe even the not-so-widely-known Heist. Heist had shown potential but, instead of being a cops and robbers game or even a bank robbing simulation, it just became Left4Dead in a different environment. I’m always hoping to see this sort of niche game on the market with a title that’s actually developed properly.

The only question that remains now is if they are actually going to make this game into all that it is hyped up to be. We as PC gamers are no strangers to the “God of False Promises” and it’s definitely going to be an uphill battle for Elastic Games, but I do wish them all the success that this industry has to offer.

For those interested in helping kickstart the development of Police Warfare, Elastic Games is also providing benefits to people who pledge money. The rewards vary from a copy of the game for $15, a day of SWAT/firearm training, 10 copies of the game, a tour of the development studios, and/or a figurine. Obviously it’s going to be one of two of those listed, but that’s actually pretty cool. I mean, when was the last time a AAA studio gave you that opportunity?

You can support Elastic Games by heading over to their kickstarter page and securing yourself some sweet swag at Police Warfare Kickstarter