Those who pre-ordered Battlefield 3 earlier this season will now have access to the BF3 Back To Karkland Expansion. It includes four new maps: Strike at Karland, Wake Island, Gulf of Oman, and Sharqi Peninsula. There are also a new set of vehicles to unlock: the F35B jet, BTR-90 IFV, and DPV fast transport vehicle.

EA also introduces something they call “Assignments” which players must complete to unlock the new weapons. Here is the preview:

The new Battlefield 3 assignments:

Best Friend Forever.
Fixing it.
Let It Rain.
Spec Ops.
Familiar Territory.
Professional Russian.
It Goes Boom.
Keep Your Head Down.
Creeping Death.
Scarred Veteran.

The new weapons:

Type 88
Type 95
Type 97

The new weapons aren’t really an upgrade from the standard kit. All the weapons are pretty balanced out. I hope EA would add the M95 rifle in the future, it was my favorite part of Bad Company 2.

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