AMD FX-6200 Launched


Well, we have two 8 core Bulldozer skus and only one 6 core Bulldozer sku so why not put another one on the lineup?

The new cpu, the AMD FX-6200, is basically a clock speed increase. It’s clocked at 3.8 ghz with a 4.1 ghz turbo which is faster than the AMD FX-6100’s 3.3 ghz with a 3.9 ghz turbo. Just like the FX-6100 though, the FX-6200 features 6 cores, 6 MB L2, and 8 MB L3. The FX-6200 is rated at 125w TDP compared to the FX-6100’s 95w.

Below is the MainConcept convert hd to flash benchmark showing the FX-6200 besting its little brother, the FX-6100. Considering all Bulldozer cpus are unlocked though, why not just overclock a FX-6100?

amx fx 6200

Source: TechPowerUp / DonanimHaber

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