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Sapphire HD 7750 1GB Low Profile Review

Sapphire HD 7750 1GB Low Profile Review

Sam ChenAugust 30, 2012

Low Profile’s Finally Got Game

A little while back, we reviewed the Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X, which was a custom designed Sapphire card designed to give budget gamers excellent performance for under $150. Today, we’ll be reviewing another Sapphire card that was recently introduced, the Sapphire HD 7750 1GB Low Profile.

Now the Radeon HD 7750 isn’t exactly a new graphics card as it’s been out for quite a while and we’ve actually reviewed the HIS HD 7750 all the way back in February, but today we’ll be reviewing the low profile edition of the Sapphire 7750, which is designed to be used in small form factor PCs such as HTPCs for example.

In terms of specifications, the Sapphire HD 7750 1GB Low Profile is pretty much all reference, so it’s got 512 stream processors, 1GB GDDR5 running off a 128 bit memory interface, 16 ROPs, 40 TUs, and a clock speeds of 800MHz core / 1125 MHz memory. This also means that performance wise, we should see results identical to what we saw from the full sized reference HD 7750, except in a smaller package.


AMD Radeon HD 7750Sapphire HD 7750 LP
Core Clock800MHz800MHz
Stream Processors512512
Texture Units4040
Buffer Size1GB GDDR51GB GDDR5
Memory Interface128-bit128-bit
Memory Frequency1125MHz (4.5 GHz Effective)1125MHz (4.5 GHz Effective)
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  • Casecutter

    Man, this is the HTPC darling, and there’s nothing Nvidia can counter in this form factor. I’d like to see Sapphire do a Silent Vapor-X (no fan) version. Employing two small heat-pipes that maybe could wrap over the edge to the back-side kind of like what they had with the 6450. The heat pipe a Vapor chamber would have fairly dense cooling fins. It’s not so much for silence it just that for full time HTPC use fans gather dust bunnies and then start to fail. Guy’s wanting a card like this would built it into a client’s media enclosure and those users won’t be the one to ever open thing up to blow things out. One less fan isolated inside the chassis might never get checked till it’s too late.


    What can it do it Battlefield 3?

  • trying to buy this card

    It doesnt have a 6 pin rail to draw 117 watts and the PCI bus only supplies 75 watts – how the hell is it getting 117 watts under load?

    • 117w is total system power consumption. This includes the CPU, memory, SSD, etc. Not to mention the PSU isn’t 100% efficient, so tack on another ~20% for efficiency as well.